Open Data

Open data is the information about the activities of state authorities and local government authorities, which is published in the Internet as data arrays in a format that ensures its automatic processing for reuse without prior editing by man (machine-readable format), and under the terms of free (open) use.

This section of the Website contains open data published by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor).

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Terms of Use of Open Data

Without entering into an agreement with Roskomnadzor, the User has a right to use (and reuse) available open data free of charge, indefinitely, gratuitously, and with no territorial restrictions, including without limitation rights to copy, publish, distribute open data, alter open data and combine it with other information, use open data for non-commercial and commercial purposes, and use open data for developing computer software and applications.

  • ensure that open data is used for lawful purposes only.
  • not distort open data.
  • cite a reference to the information source.

The User uses open data at their own risk, and Roskomnadzor is not liable for any misuse.

Number of data sets: 26

Data set format: XML, CSV

Open Data Sets

1 Data from the television and radio broadcasting license register (Rus)
2 The telecommunications license register (Rus)
3 Mass media registration certificates (Rus)
4 The register of incumbent operators occupying a significant position in the public communications network (Rus)
5 The register of individuals and organizations employed by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media as experts for control measures in communications (Rus)
6 The register of permits for distribution of foreign periodicals (Rus)
7 The register of issued and revoked permits for construction, reconstruction, design and survey works, and elimination of land communication lines crossing the state border of the Russian Federation and in the border area (Rus)
8 Information on obtaining telecommunications licenses (Rus)
9 1-Control form (Rus)
10 Routine inspection plan (Rus)
11 Inspection results (Rus)
12 State service (Rus)
13 Roskomnadzor regional offices (Rus)
14 The register of accredited experts and expert organizations engaged in mass media control efforts (Rus)
15 Registry REF and HFD allowed for import into the territory of the Russian Federation (Rus)
16 Register of the organizers of information distribution in the Internet network (Rus)
17 List of public services (Rus)
18 Information on radio frequency assignment under ship radio station licenses (Rus)
19 Citizens’ complaints information (Rus)
20 Information on expert advisory authorities (Rus)
21 State strategic planning documents (Roskomnadzor activity plan) (Rus)
22 News aggregators register (Rus)
23 Audiovisual services register (Rus)
24 Roskomnadzor state functions list (Rus)
25 Information about Public Councils (Rus)
26 Work plan Social Council (Rus)

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